Who am I?

Hello, I am a 21y 3m old person living in the UK who likes to experiment and create things. (Yes, that age text was generated).

When I was a kid and first started programming, I did so solely for the fun of playing around with stuff and seeing what I can make. First it was little BATCH and VBS scripts, but then before I knew it, I had become absolutely obsessed with C# and remained so for quite a few years. What programming ability I now have today is a pure manifestation of making these countless random - even useful - projects and experimenting around for myself.

Nowadays I mainly do Python and dabble in a little bit of all sorts of things as well such as Java, C++, JavaScript, etc!

I started making this website from scratch on 06/08/2018 as a place for some of my projects to live (details here). Thanks for checking it out!